Alternate hot end cartridges

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Alternate hot end cartridges

Post by TheBum » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:53 pm

I was discussing issues I'm having with heater faults on Discord and @bass4aj mentioned that he's using E3D parts for the heater and temperature sensor cartridges. I'm bringing the discussion here because I can't get access to Discord at work.

He said that he was using the premium heater cartridge, which I assume means the 24V "high precision" cartridge. My concern is the 30W rating vs. the factory heater's 48W rating. Is that really an issue, or is the 48W factory part really overkill?

I think my issue is actually with the temperature sensor because, when the fault happens, the sensed temperature jumps to the value indicating an open circuit (2000 degrees C?). Is the Promega using PT1000 sensors from the factory as they had planned, or did they back off that? I'm having trouble finding PT1000 sensors, including in the M3D Promega store. Would a regular thermistor work? If so, is this the correct part?

Please feel free to offer other alternatives. I'd like this thread to turn into a useful resource for alternate cartridges.

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Re: Alternate hot end cartridges

Post by jwmueller » Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:01 pm

There are a few options - one is to borrow from the Crane and switch to a standard thermistor cartridge. ... -cartridge This is a really solid reliable option.

Heater Cartridges I like this one in 30W and it has kept up at really high printing speeds. - ... 1493403663

---Optional Upgrade---
Next up is to swap to the PT100 sensor and the Duet Daughter Board for it.

Board can be found here - ... s-for-duet
PT100 Sensor (Sensor only) can be found here - ... 4647736516

I went this route on most of my machines for a few reasons, higher temp and reliability.
---end of that---

Fans if needed that are more robust compared to stock (24V for Promega) - ... 4066309711

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