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Post by Kenny66 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:51 pm

Welcome to the unofficial community driven support forums for M3D products.

Why unofficial?
M3D had tried a forum in the past, but it had low usage and went away. I personally believe that is because they had just a few products that were closed source at the time and not a very large user base looking for support online. When they opened up a Discord server for support it grew very rapidly, as did their product line.

The idea behind the forum is to provide a place where valuable information can be maintained organized and searchable. With Discord people come in all the time asking the same questions that had been answered dozens of times already, but there was no way to quickly find that information with the search. Discord is great for one-on-one instant chats to get fast help, but unless that knowledge is captured somewhere that it can be found easily, it just scrolls off into the ether and is lost.

What do we have?
  • A categorized and searchable forum
  • Pinned posts in each product's forum with up to date files ready for download
and there will be more added as the community transitions from Discord.

I do want to be clear, Discord won't go away, but our goal is to make it so they can cut way down on the channels they have now and focus on true technical support issues that can't be solved by coming here and searching for the answer. It reduces the burden of support on both M3D staff and the community helpers when the needed information is a few clicks away.

So welcome, and we hope you find these resources useful and you enjoy your M3D product to it's fullest.

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