[other slicers] [Voxelizer] Setting up PETG/ABSR

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[other slicers] [Voxelizer] Setting up PETG/ABSR

Post by Sindarius » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:33 am

Here is how you configure Voxelizer to use PETG/ABSR.

Start a model in Voxelizer then go to the "Filament Preset List" on the left, currently the 3rd item.

In this menu click the "Open Filament Library Wizard"
The filament library window will appear and you will be able to add PET by going to the right list and opening PET and selecting PET. It should appear in the left list.
unknown (1).png
After you have added the filament you can tweak it's settings in the "Fliament Preset List" and go back to the "Printing Settings" and change the Filaments in the dropdown to your new PET option.
unknown (2).png

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