Warming Up Indefinitely

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Warming Up Indefinitely

Post by 3dtayo » Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:43 am

Before you insert a filament, it needs to warm up the nozzle. The problem - it was taking indefinitely.

Check the attached video.

Pls advise!

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Re: Warming Up Indefinitely

Post by Shep » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:14 pm

The description sounds to me like either the thermistor or the heater cartridge has failed or had a bad connection.

------- so, I wrote up a diagnostic below, but I just noticed that replacements mean that you pay for the whole assembly and it's $18, you can't just get the heater or just get the thermistor or even just the nozzle, it's a package deal. I highly advise this option as it's the most economical and logical, here is a link - I will preserve what I wrote below however in case it comes in handy on a future printer you may own! -------

I don't recall what the Micro+ user interface looks like (it's been a while and I had a Micro that I flashed iMe to use OctoPrint on anyhow -- I thought there was an advanced settings page in the notification area maybe? Something like M3D Spooler, don't know if that will help you any), but if you can read current temperatures, try the finger test (basically start with printer at "cold temp" WITHOUT heating it and put your finger on the nozzle to see if the temp rises -- if it does, your problem is 100% the heater, but if it doesn't move an inch, your problem is likely the thermistor).

If you can't get current temps however, during that phase, check to see if your nozzle is getting hot. IR thermometer is best, but if you don't have one, you can use VERY quick taps of your finger -- I'm talking the kind you use to type with -- on the nozzle to see if you feel heat. If your nozzle is actually getting hot, a quick tap is enough for you to feel it getting hot, and will avoid burns far better than resting your finger on the nozzle until you feel the heat (by which point the burn will set in much worse). Now, if you can keep your finger rested on the nozzle, and it's saying "heating nozzle please wait", 100% bonafide your issue is with the heater. Replacements are available at printm3d.com for rather cheap

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