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Promega Quad to K'Tana

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:39 pm
by nukelhead
I have a Promega Quad. I believe the K'Tana might be much better in single color prints that only need support material as a secondary. If that is the case and I decide to swap that out, do I just need the K'Tana sub-assembly they sell or are there additional components I would need?

Re: Promega Quad to K'Tana

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:53 am
by nukelhead
I have done more testing and I am still hitting problems due to limited support for the Quad head. I have started investigating what it will take to swap it out.

Using the Quad setup guide for the Promega and comparing the steps to what my machine has and what parts are available in M3D's online store I believe this is what is required to go from the Quad to the K'Tana:
  • Disassemble X Axis similar to procedure outline in the Quad setup guide
    Remove Quad Adapter
    Assemble and Install Extruder Assembly
    Re-assemble and install X Axis
    Install K'Tana Sub-Assembly
    Replace extruder motor cables in cable chain, install IR cable, and connect new motors 0 and 1
    Remove Quad expansion board
    Change Duet Jumper Settings
    Plug in IR
    Reconfigure Fans
    Download Promega K'Tana SD structure and install to SD Card
  • Missing Parts:
    Nozzle Fan and Shroud?
    IR and Cable?
    2x 6mm Idler Bearings? - These are mentioned but I'm not sure where they were used
    2x PTFE Tubes
    Extruder Assembly
    • Housing - Metal Housing assembled with machine screws
      Linear Bearings
      2x Extruder Motors
      2x Extruder Motor Cables
      2x Extruder Gears
      2x Gantry Belt Clamps
The big question now is how do I get these parts?

Re: Promega Quad to K'Tana

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 5:12 am
by Ruslan
I've got Quad working with Simplify3D in any kind of combinations like single tool or multi tool, even with color mixing. I must admit the extruder by itself maybe not the best one for dual color printing, but in general it is doing very good as long you don't have drastic difference in printing temperature between materials it should work fine.