Promega Quad Getting Started

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Promega Quad Getting Started

Post by nukelhead » Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:37 pm

Since receiving my Promega Quad I have discovered that there isn't a lot of info or official support. Here's what I've done to get started printing with mine. Maybe this will be helpful to others.

The unboxing and assembly instructions are good. Follow those to clear out all packaging and get it properly assembled. I have a home network with a DHCP server. So all I had to do was insert the SD card, power on the printer, and check the DHCP leases to see what address it pulled. If you do not have a home network, or if you do not have a DHCP server on your home network you will need to follow the guides for additional configuration.

First challenge - the SD card that came with mine had the wrong structure on it. It was set up for the Crane which is incompatible. The move commands did not work correctly and it would not home or function properly at all. I noticed in the top left corner of the web interface it said Crane. I went to M3D's github page and downloaded the correct SD structure for the Promega Quad and it then functioned correctly.

Second challenge - the slicer programs I typically use (Slic3r, Cura) do not properly support the Quad print head. M3D support recommended Voxelizer from I downloaded it and tried it out. Out of the box it only has the Crane, but using that with the Quad did work with the Promega. It just could not use the full print volume. After working with Voxelizer for a little while I discovered you can click the little eye symbol under the M3D Crane in the printer select screen to see it's setup. You can then select "Copy and Edit" in the upper right corner of the window to make a custom copy. I renamed it from Crane to Promega, set the new dimensions (I used 388x388x388), and removed the other two print heads leaving only the Quad.

I can now import models and set up gcode using the full print volume of the Promega with the Quad print head. I will be testing this evening...

EDIT: The customized profile with a little silicone grease on the axes seems to have me in business. I'm happy with the results I'm getting now.

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Re: Promega Quad Getting Started

Post by Ruslan » Tue May 07, 2019 2:07 am

I share you struggle as well, recently got mine Promega Quad too. I hadn't any issues with SD card initially but the bunch of others made a bumpy start :).
With respect to slicer software I'm using SImplify3D without any issues buy now (can share profile).
I've customized starting script to create multiple tools duet software allows to do so. Thus I can print right now with four major colors and any mix of them as well.

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